July 1, 2017

31 Healthiest (Human)Food For Your Dog  

(and the 13 you NEED to avoid!)

For those of us with dogs, we're always looking at ways to reward and pamper our pets. As we've all probably learned the hard way, though, we have to be careful with how we do so - as not all f...

July 1, 2017

Keeping your home clean is not a simple thing – proper hygiene requires daily effort and care, which isn’t something all family members are fond of. The matter is further complicated due to our busy schedules which don’t allow us much time for cleaning, Then, there’s a...

July 1, 2017

Es ist mir sehr wichtig über Wesentliches zu schreiben...  Zum Beispiel über Gift welches wir vielleicht unbewusst konsumieren?!? 

Die Aspartam Lüge 

Aspartam  E951

....auch unter Sucralose E955, Cyclamat E952,  

Assugrin , Saccharin E954,

Nutra-Sweet, Sweet...

July 1, 2017


                              homemade Nr. 1

Ergibt ca. 330g


15 Datteln (ca. 90g)

1/2 Tasse Mandelbutter

4 El Ahornsirup

1/3 Tasse Carobpulver

1 El Kokosnussöl

1-2 El Wasser beifügen

Und so...

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