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E- Hummus made with red lentils and brazil nuts

You've got to try this! I can't get over it. It is so yummy! I tried this for the first time today


Hummus made with red lentils and brazil nuts

will get you ca. 500g


150g red lentils (cook in salted water until soft), appr. 6min.

60-100g Brazil nuts (or other nuts) (roasted in the Oven at 180 C for a few minutes)

2-3 pieces of garlic

Lemon, organic (Lemon zest) and juice

½ Teaspoon fennel seeds (freshly grounded if possible)

chilipowder, just a little


100g natural yoghurt unsweetened (Soy joghurt)

½ dl native olive oil or coconut oil

That's how you make it:

Drain the lentils after cooking, add the nuts and all other ingredients and put into the Nutribullet or Mixer. Mix until it's smooth.


You can keep the Hummus in the fridge for about 1 week. But it's best fresh!

TIP: Instead of Olive oil, use Coconut oil, Walnut oil, Rape oil, Thistle oil.

Decorate with tomatoes and moringa leaves. :)

I keep a few fresh cooked lentils to decorate as well.

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