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Nuns dogs driving to the Vet in the side
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RAIFFEISENBANK, 5417 Siggenthal, Würenlingen

Natalie A. Stangl
IBAN:   CH43 80808001 8748 1145 0
Swift-Bic.:   RAIFCH22


079 6998244


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How can you help ?


Donate directly to All Life Therapy Center.

We feed animals, sterilize, give medical help and whatever is needed. 

Follow us, share our activities and special recommendations on social network.

Shop in our Shop,  all profit goes to  ALTC -  direct help to animals in need. 

Become an ANiFiT  customer - see Shop.                   Feed your own pet good quality food.

Be an Amway customer - see Shop.                   Clean your house pet friendly, Vitamins, Minerals, etc.


Sponsor an animal on our next mission and help us treat even more. We will inform you about the process and procedure of each animal.  

Organize a Seminar. Teachings on various topics:  

1.   How to start treating yourself and your animals medically without side effects - Multi Minerals, DMSO, colloidal silver, etc.  Take responsibility over your own hea

2.  How to recognize illness and help your animals successfully.

3.  Animal communication (Introduction) 

80% of the Seminar income  goes towards animal rescue. 


Do not support elephant poachers by buying ivory or skin products whether allegedly legally obtained or not. Demand causes death to these innocent creatures. Do not ride elephants.

Visit Elephant Nature Park in Chiang Mai, Thailand. 

Don't support any kind of animal abuse and exploitations like Circuses, petting Zoos, Wildlife interference, Elephant riding. etc.  


Learn More

Telefon   TWINT   +41  079 699 82 44 Natalie Stangl

When you donate to ALTC   100% of your donation goes towards the project and not towards overheads.
Operational costs such as administration, marketing, fundraising, communication and other business services are covered by me personally. 
This means that any donations received will go directly to benefiting the animals such as medical supplies, food and individual projects.
I will let every individual donor know where and what we did with the donation. You will know which animal you've helped. 
Be it once-off or a monthly recurring contribution, supporting our rescue efforts is a simple click away!
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