What it is






ALTC  -  Therapy and Help for Everyone!


What's going on now? I worked part-time as a Therapist/Counselor at Obstgarten Institution in Rombach, Switzerland until July 2020 as well as in my Private Practice.

I took over a Doggy Paradise (dog boarding) business in Hua Hin, Thailand per 1st September 2020.

Besides that, I am still sterilizing and treating street animals when they have a physical, medical or spiritual need (Therapy and animal communication).  

See my page ALTC Therapy.

Feeding street dogs/cats and loving them as well. Participating and learning medical treatments at various Vet Hospitals, Clinics. Volunteering at a private Shelter with 70 dogs and 15 cats. Have helped in other places like  e.g. ENP Chiang Mai and Wildlife Sanctuary Cambodia. Getting training wherever I can and whenever I can.

Keeping myself pretty busy. 

The  Vision is to have and create a place in the future -  a haven for Humans and Animals and Nature.

A place where "All Life" can find its purpose, restoration and happiness and whatever you might need. ​​

What I do:

People Therapy

So far, I have had a amazing career as a professional therapist and life coach (helped more than a 1000 People in the past 26 years) and yes, I am ready to use my knowledge and skills anywhere in the world. 

I have settled down in Thailand now. In Switzerland I worked in a Institution for mentally challenged people as well as in my own private

practice with anyone who desired help to get further in life.

I've trained and lectured several years on various  psychological-therapeutical  topics  at conferences

and workshops and also trained individuals. 


Animal Therapy

Additionally, I treat animals medically - mostly with alternative medicines, I deal and work with traumatized animals, that's why we call it    

"All Life Therapy Center".

Animals have become a huge part and great passion in my life.   

The next step Vision: 

When the time is ripe I will find a piece of land to buy and will have money. 



 All Life Therapy Center will be providing:

  • Psychological, therapeutic, emotional help as well as counseling and mentoring. 

  • One time session or longer therapy 

  • Group therapy   (special needs)

  • Treatment for traumatized and abused animals.  

  • Workshop, Seminars on Multi Mineral Supplements and alt. Medicine. 

  • Medical advise and alternative treatments for various health challenges

  • Parasite treatment

  • Learning about Animal Communication

  • Get guidance for a healthy living, attitude and good nutrition